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About Us

P2E Pro is perhaps the first company to add a team of coders, architects, 3d modelers, data engineers, lawyers, AI/ML experts, and Unity Art Engine and blockchain developers beside its hardware team under the same roof.

We at P2E Pro are driven to bring to reality a powerful technology platform in the metaverse (Mayaa-verse). Mayaa-verse is P2E Pro’s virtual reality platform powered by its indigenously developed ‘kalptantra’ blockchain. Users can create, experiment, and monetize content/creativity by using Indian regulatory compliant smart contracts, layered upon kalptantra, to manage its market(s).

Kalptantra make certain that it's Indian regulatory compliant smart contracts allows for full ownership of virtual assets and land within Mayaa-verse.

This means that one can buy land in Hastinapur, the first realm of Mayaa-verse, and be sure of its ownership, its developability and transferability .

P2E PRO lawyers are working relentlessly to code Indian contract law, property rights, collateral law, trust, corporate, and bankruptcy laws....the modules from which any capital is coded.

We at P2E Pro understand that only regulatory complaint smart contracts can ensure legally enforceable digital tenders resulting into true store of value for any digital asset. We intend to become incubators of your wealth.

The path to bringing this huge platform to reality is a focused process that we at P2E Pro are striving at and bringing to life in your closest future.


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